About me

My name is Kevin (Kenny) and I am a model maker living in Bristol. I’ve always loved making things and have been employed as a modelmaker and designer in the animation industry for the last 16 years. I’ve put together this site and a cv for you to download.

I have been working for one of the leading model and armature construction companies in the UK. This has given me a rare and invaluable opportunity to develop a wealth of experience in many aspects of model/ armature design and construction from concept to finished article and also to take on projects independently or as part of a team.

During that time I have developed a rounded and comprehensive set of skills (some of which are listed below) and I’ve no doubt I would be a useful addition to any team. I am passionate in my approach to all kinds of model making and dedicated to producing work that not only meets the deadline but that I can feel proud of.


Contact me

or ring me on +44 7870486146